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  • Forex
  • Foreign exchange investment refers to the investor to obtain the investment income of the exchange of different currencies behavior

  • Investment advantages
  • 24 hours open day trading
    The world's most liquid market
    Highly flexible transaction, Leverage up to 100:1

Precious Metals

  • Metals
  • Gold investment can help investors to avoid possible problems in the economic environment, is the world's lightest tax burden of investment project
  • Investment advantages
  • The ideal long-term investment products
    High transaction volume and high circulation
    Flexible transaction lever


  • Oil
  • Oil is the most important commodity in the world, changes rapidly with the daily price change, is the most actively traded and most popular investment product
  • Investment advantages
  • Oil trade / natural gas and other energy products
    High mobility / competitive point difference
    Lever type product / low margin

Index futures

  • Index
  • The index trading is one of the most popular investment products for individual investors,and is an effective way to enable investors to reach the global stock market easily
  • Investment advantages
  • Investment in major world stock index
    Provide excellent opportunities for investment
    Low cost to enter the market